April GeekFuel Review: “Avengers”


Having wrapped up their March Game of Thrones-themed box (which I’m honestly pretty sad I missed out on), GeekFuel set their sights on the next big geek release, Age of Ultron. Combining the Avengers themselves, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and DC Comics heroes, the April GeekFuel box contains just about every major geek hero team-up you can think of.

Exclusive Turtles Assemble T-Shirt

The exclusive t-shirt in this month’s box has The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles doing their best Avengers impression. It features Donatello as Captain America, Michelangelo as Thor, Leonardo as Hawkeye, and naturally Raphael takes the role of the sarcastic and feisty leader Iron Man. There are several nice little touches in the artwork such as Thor’s hammer being on one half a nunchuck and Captain America’s Shield being a New York City manhole cover. Black Widow herself is even on the shirt, taking over the role of April.

As with most of these subscription box t-shirts, the art is cool but I don’t think I’d ever wear it out in public. It’s a perfect around-the-house shirt, though.

Breakstuff Club Mug

Here we go. This is the thing I’ll be getting the most use out of. It’s an awesome little mug with an Avengers-style take on The Breakfast Club featuring lockers with different heroes and the generic Breakfast Club labels. Spider-Man is the criminal, Captain America is the athlete, Iron Man is the brain, Hulk is the basket case, and hilariously enough Loki is the princess. I was going to initially complain that Thor’s hammer was outside of Loki’s locker as I thought it was a mistake, but then I realized the hammer is keeping Loki trapped in there and I love it. I’m still not sure why Spider-Man would be criminial, though. That one seems like a stretch at the very least.

Star Wars Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

They’re Jelly Beans, I love Jelly Beans. They’re Star Wars, I love Star Wars. I love these. I got the Yoda pack which came with several “sparkling” flavors including Berry Blue, Blueberry, Grape Soda, Green Apple, Island Punch, Sour Apple, Wild Blackberry. Every one of them was great, even the Blackberry. Also available are packs with Darth Vader and a generic Stormtrooper on the front of them.

Avengers Candy Sticks

The box also comes with Avengers candy sticks which weren’t very good. It’s food, so it’s mostly personal preference, but they’re just chalky little sticks of bad. I wish I would have eaten them first so I could use the Jelly Beans to get the flavor out of my mouth. But hey, it went with the theme at least!

Kingdom Wars II Battles Downloadable Game Code & Sticker Sheet

Free game! Looking at the sticker, and the fact that it came for free, I expected this to be a pretty bad-looking game. But looking at user ratings on Steam, it seems to be a pretty favorable Early Access RTS game. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but I’m honestly really looking forward to it.

DC Comics Series 3 Scribblenauts Unmasked

If you collect these, great! If not, it’s another toy to put on a shelf somewhere or slam dunk into a garbage can. I got Tharok, but there are several other characters you could get through your own blind box.

Retro Videogame Magazine Special Issue #0

If you haven’t heard of Retro Magazine until now, you had your chance with the April GeekFuel box. The magazine covers retro gaming (obviously), but it also covers modern games with retro roots. Games like Mighty No. 9, Axiom Verge and others have their own special place within the first few issues of Retro. There are also a lot of great feature pieces on making retro games, including interviews with the creators. The magazine is a bit pricey at $33/year, but I’ll be reading this #0 issue for quite some time.

I’m not sure if this small specifically to fit in the GeekFuel box, but the magainze itself is tiny – about half the size of a normal magazine. It also comes in digital form.

Sign up for GeekFuel!

While it’s obviously too early to get this particular box, it’s not too late to sign up in time for the May edition. GeekFuel is relatively new to the subscription box scene, but what they’ve sent out so far seems pretty great: on par, if not even better, than other boxes. If you’d like to sign up (and support MOARGeek at the same time), do so through our affiliate link and you also get a free bonus mystery item with your first box.

*We were sent a GeekFuel box for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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