The Flash Review: “Rogue Air”

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Outside of romantic interludes that exist for no reason and plot devices that make no sense there are two things that drive me nuts about television shows: forced plot story lines and lame payoffs. Sadly, all of these were in this weeks episode of The Flash.

First the romantic thing. I’ve made it no secret that the Eddie/Iris thing is annoying to me. The forced way that Iris handled Eddie knowing about Flash but not telling her and the not-quite-a-love-triangle love triangle that existed between her, Eddie and Barry made some episode nearly unwatchable. Now we have an obvious nut (Wells) that has kidnapped Eddie, told him he was from the future (and even went so far as to tell him that he didn’t have to prove anything to Eddie) and shows him a supposed byline from the future Iris West-Allen. Telling Eddie that he never marries Iris.

And Eddie buys it hook, line, and sinker. With absolutely no evidence. Yes, there is the underlying suspicsion that Iris and Barry have feelings for each other but Eddie just artibratily decides Wells was right and that nothing he does will change a future that might not be real. So much for fighting for what you care about. I can’t even bring myself to feel bad for him.

As to the ‘making no sense’ thing, we see the return of the Barry that makes dumb decisions. Everyone and their dog knew that trying to transport the prisoners from STAR Labs to anywhere would result in their escape. Everyone except Barry that is. And to ask Cold for help? Really, things are that desperate? If A.R.G.U.S. can provide a plane why not transport to the airfield? That entire plot make no sense what-so-ever other than to drive home that Barry is a caring person. Something we already knew.

Having the chamber power up and putting the prisoners at risk in the first place was such an obviously forced plot device. It’s like the writers sat around and said “How can we get all the baddies free so we can make the Rogues next season? Oh, I know! Have Barry try to save them because the collider is being turned on! Brilliant!” It was there to merely drag out the episode and waste time – something that they have avoided for the most part throughout the season.

Finally, I know I’m not the only person that was both underwhelmed and disappointed with the fight at the end of the episode against Reverse Flash. It lasted about two minutes and Barry was barely involved. And why are Arrow and Firestorm there? How did Barry even get in contact with them? He even says earlier that he talked to Diggle’s wife because Oliver was unreachable. So what, Oliver just happened to stop by for 30 seconds to check in and picked up Firestorm on the way? Ugh.

I haven’t finished chatching up on Arrow but isn’t Queens friends dying right now? Did he leave them behind, swing by Barrys place, deal the ‘killing’ blow to the Flash’s arch-nemesis, set up the crossover for tomorrow night and just leave? I don’t even have words for how forced that felt, or how much of a let down the entire fight was.

Here’s hoping that the finale next week doesn’t disappoint. For a while there I was starting to think they were going to end the season with Wells on the loose and that would be the plot, to hunt him down. Would be cool I think but there are also so many story lines and directions they can play with.

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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