Panasonic Adopts Firefox OS For Smart TVs


Smart TVs are now another market that companies are competing in, and every Smart TV needs an operating system. Mozilla, the company most well known for its Internet browser Firefox, has partnered with Panasonic, the massive electronics company, to power Panasonic’s new lineup of smart TVs.

Through our partnership with Mozilla and the openness and flexibility of Firefox OS, we have been able to create a more user friendly and customizable TV UI. This allows us to provide a better user experience for our consumers providing a differentiator in the Smart TV market.

Built with HTML5 in mind, Firefox OS will run web applications like a champ. While you would of course get the most out of the smart TV if you have a mobile device powered by Firefox OS, Mozilla wants Firefox to be a stepping-stone in the web, not an island.

With Firefox and Firefox OS powered devices, users can enjoy a custom and connected Web experience and take their favorite content (apps, videos, photos, websites) across devices without being locked into one proprietary ecosystem or brand.

With Firefox’s emphasis on being open and having a choice in how you use the operating system on whichever devices you like, it seems that Firefox is embracing its position in the market. Realizing that limiting people because of their other devices is one point that is going to be essential for the success of the Firefox OS not only in Smart TVs but in many other applications as well. I wouldn’t necessarily classify Firefox as a name brand browser, but more of the offbeat indie one that is consistently reliable and endlessly customizable. If Firefox OS is anything like the browser, I think they’ll make themselves a very promising contender from Smart TV manufacturers looking for an operating system. Panasonic sure thought so.

The new Panasonic TV lineup powered by Firefox OS includes: CR850, CR850, CR730, CX800, CX750, CX700 CX680.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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