LG Display Unveils ‘Wallpaper’ OLED TV


At a press event on Tuesday in Korea, LG Display, the subsidiary of LG focused on making screens, showed off a very impressive proof-of-concept wallpaper thin TV that can be attached to a wall using magnets.  It is a 55 inch TV that comes in at an almost impossibly thin depth of less than 1 mm and only weighs just over 4 pounds.  The TV is mounted to the wall by sticking to a magnetic mat and can be peeled off the wall if you wish to remove it.

Wallpaper TVIt is unlikely that we will see anything like this on the market anytime soon as this was just a small part of the press event from LG Display.  The main purpose of the press event was to announce that their display strategy will be centered on OLED technology as they believe it will be the future standard of all displays.

LG Display announced at the event that they expect to sell around 600,000 OLED TVs this year and over 1.5 million next year.  The company also said they will continue to focus on larger screen sizes.  They already have a 55 inch, 66 inch, and 77 inch OLED displays and plan to introduce a 99 inch one as well.  Aside from large TV displays LG will also be focusing on the small to midsize ones that could be used for wearable technology or car dashboards.

Hopefully with the increased volume of TVs that LG Display is planning on putting out we can see a drop in the price of them as well.  Currently LG’s OLED TVs range from $3,500 for their 55 inch to $25,000 for the 77 inch.  Do you think that OLED TVs are worth the high price they’re currently at or will you wait for them to come down before you purchase one of them?  Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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