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Father’s Day Gift Guide: 8 Techie Gifts For The On-The-Go Dad


So far we’ve covered gifts for dads who are car junkies and those who are the more athletic types. Today we look at a few techie gifts for dads who are constantly on-the-go in the latest of our Father’s Day Gift Guide series.

Booqpad for iPad Air 2

Father's-Day-Gift-Guide-Booqpad-iPad-Air-2Snap case or folio? The Booqpad is the perfect case for your dad’s iPad Air 2 offering the protection of a snap case and the flexibility of a folio.

  • Ambidextrous folio design allows for multiple angles and scenarios
  • Removable polycarbonate iPad Air 2 case attaches to the folio via magnets, and can be easily removed or adjusted
  • Suits both right and left-handed note-takers
  • Fifty-sheet eco-friendly notepad allows for easy note-taking and sketching

Price: $60USD

  Purchase from Amazon  Purchase from Booq

Electrohome Selfset Clock Radio

Electrohom-Selfset-Clock-RadioA feature packed clock radio for dad which he can take on the road – no more trusting those second rate hotel alarm radios or missing a wake up call!

  • Automatically sets the time and date and saves all your alarm settings when the power goes out and even adjusts for daylight savings time
  • Integrated 180-degree swiveling projector displays the time on your ceiling or wall, so the time will always be in full view when you need it
  • Dual alarm feature allows users to set two separate wake times
  • Users can choose to automatically disable the alarms on weekends, allowing them to set your alarm schedule once and forget about it
  • Built-in AM/FM tuner lets users wake up leisurely to your favorite radio station or uses can choose to wake up to the built-in buzzer
  • Backlit 3.6” LCD screen displays the indoor temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit), current day/month/year and current radio station
  • Dimmer function allows you to reduce the screen’s brightness for night time use; the auto dimmer automatically disable the backlighting when the clock is not in use, while keeping the time fully visible
  • Includes AUX input (3.5mm jack) for connecting audio sources to listen to music directly from your portable device

Price: $29.99USD

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Griffin Technology Harris Tweed Bag for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

Griffin-Technology-Harris-Tweed-Bag-MacBook-ProLuxurious Harris Tweed woolen fabric comes from only one place in the world: the islands of the Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland where for more than a century resident weavers have spun, dyed & hand woven it in their homes. Treat dad to a Harris Tweed bag for his MacBook Pro or MacBook Air this Father’s Day.

  • From tweed jackets to tech accessories, no you can carry your MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in genuine Griffin Technology Harris Tweed bag with luxurious leather accents.
  • Designed to fit all models of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the center compartment is padded and fully lined for protection.
  • Embraced by royalty and Hollywood icons, to the finest designers of couture, Harris Tweed is considered a timeless classic textile made by local artisans
  • Increased functionality with an exterior zip pocket to keep phones, passports, credit cards and all things travel related while also being organized and accessible. 
  • Details in design include quality construction, genuine leather and black-satin metal appointments.

Price: $249USD (currently on sale for $179.99 from Griffin Technology*)

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Jorno Bluetooth Keyboard

Jorno-Bluetooth-KeyboardThis ultra-portable, tri-folding wireless keyboard provides a stylish & sophisticated mobile typing solution for dad’s iPhone, iPad, Android or other Bluetooth device.

  • Easily folds down to fit in the palm of your hand or in your bag for ultimate mobility
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to your mobile device and place the keyboard anywhere you like
  • Universal keyboard easily pairs your device with simple key settings
  • Sleek, modern design delivers function and style at your fingertips
  • Gunmetal plated, ultra-thin keyboard combines functionality without sacrificing comfort for size; compact size when folded allows you to create a convenient mobile workspace on the go
  • Includes vegan leather protective case with soft touch interior that also functions as an adjustable stand to hold device in either portrait or landscape orientation for optimal viewing
  • Portable way to write emails and take notes with ease and accuracy on your touchscreen handheld device

Price: $129USD

  Purchase from Jorno

Prong PWR Case for iPhone 5, 5S, & 6

Prong-PWR-CaseThe Prong PWR Case not only provides a 1500mAh battery to extend the battery life on iPhone 5, 5S, or 6 but also features integrated prongs to plug directly into a wall socket.

  • All-in-one power solution features a bumper case integrated with fold-out prongs that plug directly into the wall socket, powering the iPhone and backup battery simultaneously
  • The quick-release detachable 1,500mAh battery provides up to 100% additional battery life to your device
  • Constructed with an LED charge indicator
  • Engineered with advanced quick-charge technology, the case delivers hyper-fast charge in a small portable solution
  • Equipped with a backup Micro USB cable to recharge in the car, at your desk or anywhere with a USB outlet
  • Available in black, white, blue-grey, gold-white and white-pink

Price: $79.99USD

  Purchase from Amazon  Purchase from Prong

Satechi Smart Travel Router & Adapter

Satechi-Smart-Travel-Router-AdapterHotel networks are notoriously limited. Satechi’s Smart Travel Router & Adapter aims to fix that. Pick one up for dad and he can connect his laptop and his phone to a private connection for added security – and it works in over 150 countries!

  • Features four most common plug configurations to fit electrical outlets in 150 countries
  • Doubles as a router able to convert a direct internet connection into a private connection for added security and mobility
  • AC power port and 2.1A USB port charges smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and more quickly and efficiently
  • Four router functions including router mode, repeater mode, access point mode and client mode
  • Compact, cube design fits easily into any briefcase, suitcase, backpack or purse

Price: $44.99USD (currently on sale for $39.99 from Amazon)

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Scosche boltBOX

Scosche-boltBOXDad keep getting his cords tangled up? That won’t be an issue with Scosche’s boltBox compact retractable lightning cable connector.

  • 3-foot retractable cable with lightning connector allows for neat and tangle-free charging & syncing
  • Available in blue, green, pink, red, black, and white to add style and personality to mobile devices
  • Cable is housed in a sleek enclosure the size of a small matchbox that fits easily into any pocket, purse, or luggage case
  • Slim Barrel Design allows boltBOX to charge any Apple device even when using a bulky protective case
  • Magnetic locking connector easily extends and retracts by pulling both ends simultaneously.
  • boltBOX is made for the iPod touch (5th generation), iPod nano (7th generation), iPhone 5, iPad (4th generation) and iPad mini

Price: $24.99USD

  Purchase from Amazon  Purchase from Scosche

Scosche goBAT 3000

Scosche-goBAT-3000Phones run out of battery power faster and faster these days. Keep dad powered up with this 3000mAh battery charger that doubles as wall charger when needed!

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery can charge a fully drained iPhone up to 1.3 times
  • Compact size allows users to conveniently carry in hand or in a bag for easy travel
  • Doubles as a wall charger and charges the internal battery without additional cables
  • Ideal for long commuters, airport travel, camping and more
  • Compatible with any USB-powered device

Price: $39.99USD

  Purchase from Scosche

And there you have a list of a few suggestions for those dads who are on-the-go. Be sure to check back as we publish the rest of our Father’s Day gift guides over the next few days including techie gifts for the outdoorsy dads and audiophiles!

*NOTE: If sale prices are listed, those are current as of the time this post was published and subject to change without notice.

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