Project Jacquard Using Conductive Yarn Teams With Levi’s

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Since Google I/O is happening you are likely to see many Google stories popping up throughout the internet over new Google ideas. One of those ideas is being refined by Google’s Advanced Technology And Projects division and is named Project Jacquard. They are teaming up with Levi’s to use conductive yarn to make interactive clothing, most likely jeans to start. The yarn could be used as an input device, meaning your pants could possibly be able to control devices such as a computer or smartphone. It’s really some brilliant thinking here which follows fast on the heals of Project Soli which we covered yesterday. Check out Google’s presentation video below.

Conductive fabric has been around for decades, but this partnership with Google will represent one of the first major forays for the technology into the mass market. Neither company has revealed details on exactly what product they’ll make, (though jeans seem the most likely candidate), what the high-tech clothing will be able to do, or when it will be released.

“If there’s a chance to enable the clothes that we already love to help us facilitate access to the best and most necessary of this digital world—while maintaining eye contact with the person we are eating dinner with—this is real value,” says Dillinger.

Some exciting things are coming out of Google’s ATAP. What do you think of Google’s latest experiment with Levi’s? Let us know in the comments  below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

  Source: Quartz

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