TYLT RIBBN Car Charger Review: Charge Two Devices Quickly While On The Go

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We’ve reviewed quite a few TYLT items here at Techaeris and generally speaking are pretty big fans. We recently had a chance to check out one of their latest products and see how it measures up in our TYLT RIBBN Car Charger review.


Car chargers are a dime a dozen these days, so what makes the TYLT RIBBN different?

  • tangle-free flat ribbon cable design
  • 3 foot (1 meter) cable
  • 2nd USB port to charge two devices at once
  • 4.8 Amp circuit for simultaneous device charging
  • available with microUSB or Lightning connectors
  • available in black, green, red, blue


Like other TYLT products, the RIBBN feels high quality right out of the box. The tangle-free ribbon cable and DC adapter component are rubberized and very soft to the touch. The main charging cable sits near the bottom of the back of the main component, and the secondary USB slot for connecting a second USB to microUSB or USB to Lightning connector sits above that.

Not quite sure why the square design for a round outlet…

While the TYLT RIBBN looks and feels great, my main complaint is the DC plug portion is of a square design, instead of a round design like most other car chargers. It does look slick, but once inserted into the DC outlet in your vehicle, there is quite a bit of wiggling that can happen – especially when adding or removing a second USB cable. That being said, the RIBBN is seated in quite tightly and it does take a bit of a pull to remove it from the DC outlet, so there’s no worry that it will become easily unseated.


As far as performance goes, the TYLT RIBBN works exactly as advertised. Due to the 4.8Amp circuit, charging two devices is just as quick as if you plugged them into a wall outlet – unlike many other car chargers which charge 1 device at half the speed. The cable is long enough to place your main device pretty much anywhere within reach from your cup holder to your car mount. The cable is also 100% tangle-proof, you’d have to manually tie a knot in it for it to become tangled.

The cable on the RIBBN is nice and thick, and definitely tangle-proof!


The $49.99USD price may seem a bit steep at first, especially considering you can get other car chargers for very cheap – under $5 in some cases. The old saying “you get what you pay for” holds true though, and even though the TYLT RIBBN is priced a bit on the high side, the fact that it charges not one but two devices quickly and is well manufactured definitely adds some value to the price.


The TYLT Ribbon is a well built dual-device car charger that is certain to last a long time due to its craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a car charger that will quickly charge your smartphones, tablets, and other devices that use a microUSB or Lightning cable you should probably check out the TYLT RIBBN.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the TYLT RIBBN for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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