[UPDATED] Google Photos Bug Shrinking Images When Shared To Google+ From Mobile Apps

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It appears that a Google Photos bug has hit the newly launched service when users are sharing certain images to Google+ from the Android app. We first noticed this issue when Google+ user the derek Fawcett shared a photo and noticed it was downsized to 320px wide.

UPDATE (06/10/2015): It appears that the bug has been fixed on the Android side with the updated Android Google+ app (version that’s rolling out today. We tested a few images that were uploaded to the Google Photos app via the desktop backup app and shared from the Google Photos app to the Google+ Android app and they now share at the proper resolution. Let us know in the comments (or on social media) if you are still seeing issues after your Google+ app gets updated.

UPDATE (06/04/2015): It appears some iOS users are reporting issues as well when trying to share to Google+ when using the Google Photos app on iOS devices like iPads. In this case the app is asking if the user wants to share a full size version but gives and error and posts a reduced size image instead.


Not all images are affected, and we’ve done some extensive testing to see just exactly what images are being affected. The issue only seems to affect sharing to Google+ from the Android Google Photos app (we haven’t tested the iOS version yet), as images shared to Hangouts or Twitter showed up with the proper size. The images affected seem to be those uploaded via the Google Photos web interface, Google Photos backup app, or Google Drive and then shared.

The list below are the various scenarios and results we found when sharing to Google+:

  • Add photo via Google Photos web interface -> share via Android app = 320px size
  • Add photo via Google Photos desktop backup app -> share via Android app = 320px size
  • Add photo via Google Drive -> share via Android app = 320px size
  • Add photo via Google Photos web interface -> share via web interface = full size
  • Share photos taken from phone to Google+ = full size

As mentioned above, this seems to be an issue limited to the Google Photos app when sharing to Google+. There was an update to the Android app today (June 4th) and the issue still persists which leads us to believe it’s an issue with the Google+ app so hopefully a fix and update is coming soon. We’ve tagged Google Photos and Google+ in a couple of posts and will update this if we hear anything further.

Have you experienced this issue when sharing Google Photos to Google+ from the Android app? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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