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[UPDATED] Small XML Edits Can Give Hound Beta Users More Invites Or Allow New Users Without Invites


Soundhound is in the middle of testing their new voice recognition app, Hound beta, that is supposed to take on the likes of Siri, Cortana and even the mighty Google Now. There’s been a lot of hype over the app and users are clamoring to get invites to experience the power of Hound for themselves. Currently beta users are afforded with three invites to bring on other interested parties and to gradually work users into the fold. But one user has discovered that you can afford yourself as many invites as you like with a small XML edit to the root file of Hound.

UPDATE: (06/04/2015) The same user who has discovered that small XML edits can give Hound users more invites or allow users without invites, has also been able to find the phone id and unlock Soundhound’s developer settings. If more news comes about we will update here.

UPDATE: (06/06/2015) Looks like Soundhound is finally taking steps to fix the issues they’ve already banned the account of our source so we’ll see what happens soon.


999 invites is a lot of invites

If that weren’t enough, it seems another fairly minor XML edit can allow anyone to get in on the Hound beta even if they’ve not been invited.

We won’t elaborate or write the XML edit or instructions here and it’s our understanding that this vulnerability in Hound could lead to a much more dire consequence than simple invites being leeched. The Android community is filled with intelligent and resourceful users and developers and situations like this are part of what you get on an open platform. Apple’s more closed platform is harder to manipulate like this but then it does close the user off a bit more. That’s the biggest difference between the two OS’s. Android gives you much more freedom but with a bigger chance of risks while iOS tightens up what you can and can’t do but tends to not have as much risk. What do you think of Soundhound’s XML woes here? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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