Mercedes Following Tesla Into Storable Home Energy

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Tesla is still the new kid on the block in the automotive scene, but others seem to be following in their footsteps already.  Daimler is one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers most known for making Mercedes and now one of their subsidiaries, Deutsche ACCUmotive, will be working on renewable home energy storage for homes in Germany – much like what Tesla is working on with their Powerwall.

According to Daimler they already have their first industrial-scale lithium-ion unit up and running.  Daimler is going to start their stationary energy rollout in German and have a plan to expand and partner with other international companies soon.  The Head of Development Electrics/Electronics & E-Drive Mercedes-Benz Cars, Harald Kröger, said this about their product:

Mercedes-Benz energy storages provide the best confirmation that lithium-ion batteries Made in Germany have a viable future.  With our comprehensive battery expertise at Deutsche ACCUmotive we are accelerating the transition to sustainable energy generation both on the road and in the field of power supply for companies and private households. The technology that has proven its worth over millions of kilometres covered in the most adverse conditions, such as extreme heat and cold, also offers the best credentials for stationary use. We have been gathering initial experience in this field since 2012.

Mercedes-Benz Energy Storage UnitThe stationary energy unit that they are using is already being utilized on an industrial scale but they plan on bringing that to homeowners as well.  Daimler states that:

“Mercedes-Benz energy storages are also suitable for private use. Households with their own photovoltaic systems can buffer surplus solar power virtually free of any losses.”

They claim that their Mercedes-Benz storage units meet the highest safety and quality standards.  The battery modules themselves will have the energy content of 2.5 KWh for the residential model and 5.9 KWh for the industrial ones.  Daimler said that their storable energy products should be available to order in June and that deliveries should start in August.

It is good to see some more competition coming up in this area.  It will be interesting to see what other companies follow suit and start making storable energy for homes and how the power companies will respond to this growing trend.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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