ChargeIt Jump Review: Portable Charging And Jump Starting With Extra Features

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Portable combo-chargers/vehicle jump starter devices are becoming more popular as of late. We had a chance to check out the ChargeIt Jump Portable Jump Starter and Power Pack – a 7,500mAh Lithium Polymer portable battery pack which also includes a flashlight and the ability to jump start vehicles, certainly a handy feature to have. Check out our thoughts on how it stacks up against the competition in our ChargeIt Jump review.


The ChargeIt Jump features the following specifications:

  • 7,500mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  • 2x 5V/2A USB port to charge smartphones and tablets
  • 14-18V/1A DC input
  • LED light with torch and strobe (S-O-S mode)
  • 200-400 cranking Amps of starting power
  • Over-Current, Short-Circuit, Overload, Over-Voltage, and Over-Charge Protection
  • USB to Micro-USB/Apple 30-Pin/Apple 8-Pin charging cable


The ChargeIt Jump is fairly small (5.5×0.9×3.1″) and weighs just under 11 ounces. The battery is contained in a black (or red) hard plastic shell. The top of the battery pack has a power button which you press to turn on USB charging, check the battery, or turn on the flashlight. When turned on, a series of 5 lights light up indicating how much battery charge is left in the unit, 20% for each light that is lit. The front side of the ChargeIt Jump contains the 2 USB 5V/2A  charging ports, the 14-18V/1A charging port, and a covered jumper cable connector port. The flashlight is located on the top side of the device.

Dual USB ports, input, and covered jumper cable ports sit on one side of the device.

The battery pack feels quite sturdy and the cover over the jumper cable connectors is quite tight.  The booster cables fit in very snug and require a bit of effort to push fully in, ensuring that they won’t just wiggle out during use. Given that one of the vehicles you can boost with the device mentioned in the product description is boats, it would be nice to see covers for the USB and input ports, as well as some sort of waterproof rating.


Like the previous pack I tested, my primary place of testing was at a local car dealership. We had no issues boosting three vehicles we tested the device on, including one which had been parked and dead for at least a couple months. We tested the pack when it was fully charged, and it was indicating at least 80% charge after we boosted the three vehicles.

The ChargeIt Jump is also able to charge two devices at once, and with the dual 5V/2A USB ports, devices charge just as quickly as if they were plugged into a wall. Given the 7,500mAh battery size, you should be able to fully charge a few devices before needing to recharge the ChargeIt Jump battery pack.

Battery Life

The ChargeIt Jump is supposed to last a year before requiring a recharge, but it is suggested to give it a top up charge once every three months in order to extend the life of the battery.

To fully recharge the ChargeIt Jump is supposed to take 4 hours. I drained it down to 20% by charging my phone and other devices a few times,  and it took a little over 3 hours to recharge it from back up to 100% so you should be back to a fully charged battery pack within 4 hours.


A couple other things that the ChargeIt Jump has that some other portable jump starter/charging packs don’t have is both a wall plug and car adapter for recharging the unit, as well as a combo charging cable for your devices. In this case, the ChargeIt Jump includes a USB to microUSB/Apple 30-Pin/Apple 8-Pin (Lightning) adapter so you don’t have to worry about bringing along a bunch of extra cables for your devices. All this can be stored easily in the included storage case, making it easy to slip into the glove box or under the seat of your vehicle.

The ChargeIt Jump comes with additional accessories including USB cable and car charger.


The ChargeIt Jump costs $99.99USD, which is comparable to other jump starter/portable charging packs. While this one has a 7,500mAh battery while most others seem to have 10,000 or even 12,500mAh capacities, the addition of a second charging port and inclusion of both a wall and car adapter for charging is a nice bonus.


The ChargeIt Jump Portable Jump Starter and Power Pack is a great little device that can be stowed in your vehicle for both emergency boosting or additional charging for your mobile devices. As mentioned above, the inclusion of 2 USB charging ports and additional accessories is a bonus as well. If you’re looking for a portable charger with the added feature of being able to boost your vehicle, you’ll definitely want to add the ChargeIt Jump to your consideration list.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the ChargeIT Jump Portable Jump Starter and Power Pack for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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