Scosche RHYTHM+ Review: Simple & Effective ANT+ Compatible Heart Rate Monitor

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Being a tech site, we do our fair share of tech reviews. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be of the sitting on your butt behind a desk kind, or other devices that promote a non-active lifestyle. We were able to get our hands on something for those who are more active, or wanting to get into a more active lifestyle. Read on to find out what we thought about this simple ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor in our Scosche RHYTHM+ review.


The Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor features:

  • IP67 waterproof rated (up to 1m for 30 minutes)
  • breathable lightweight armband
  • rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours workout time
  • 100ft range
  • Bluetooth Smart/ANT+ compatible
  • compatible with over 100 Android/iOS apps


The underside of the HR monitor contains the sensors and charging pin connectors.

The Scosche RHYTHM+ features a simple design. Our review unit consisted of the grey heart rate sensor unit and the black arm band. The sensor unit is hard plastic on the back with the sensors protected by clear plastic. The charging pins are also located on the underside of the unit. The top of the sensor unit is a softer grey plastic which contains the multifunction button located under the Scosche “S” logo.

The arm band consists of a smooth backing (which goes against your skin) topped by a fuzzy material for adjusting with the velcro straps on each end of the band once it’s looped through the sensor unit. The band also contains rows of 4 holes evenly spaced to assist with breathability when being worn.

The RHYTHM+ package comes with both a large and small band and a USB charger to charge the device.

The Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor comes with two bands and charger.


The Scosche RHYTHM+ is simple to setup and use. While the device is compatible with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ devices like sports watches and fitness equipment, it is also compatible with Bluetooth enabled smartphones and was really easy to connect. Once paired with the device, simply open your fitness app – I tested it with Endomondo, turn on the RHYTHM+ by pressing on the Scosche logo on the top of the sensor unit, and once it’s connected you’ll see your heart rate being recorded in the app. While the the armband is waiting for a connection, it flashes blue and red.  Once it has connected it flashes blue three times, and then blinks purple (red for ANT+ mode) when the HR monitor is on and operating normally.

The armband is your basic velcro strap which can be easily replaced if/when it wears out.

As far as performance goes, the RHYTHM+ fits nicely on your forearm just below the inside of your elbow. Scosche recommends placing it on the inside or top of your forearm, I found it more comfortable inside my forearm. The adjustable straps allow you to tighten it accordingly so that it fits snug, and once tightened it didn’t move or slide around at all. My main concern with the strap though is that velcro doesn’t last forever and constant adjusting will eventually wear down on the strap, but you can purchase replacement straps for the unit for around $13USD.

Once underway on my bike, and with Endomondo set to display current heart rate, the RHYTHM+ certainly seemed to track the increase and decrease of my heart rate accordingly based on how hard I was pedalling or the amount of effort it was taking me to go uphill, or lack thereof while coasting down a hill.

Battery Life

Scosche indicates an 8 hour battery life on the RHYTHM+ and I’ve used it so far for 7 hours and it still has a charge, indicating real life battery should be close to what Scosche indicates. Charging the device is simple – snap the sensor unit onto the charging base and plug into a USB wall charger or your computer.

Charging is simple, just snap the HR monitor onto the charging base and plug into your computer or USB wall charger.


Priced at $79.99USD, the Scosche RHYTHM+ is in line with other heart rate monitor armband pricing. The 100% adjustable band due to the velcro setup, as well as the inclusion of a large and small band to fit pretty much any arm size, gives it a leg up on other bands which are molded to the sensor unit. Being able to replace the strap will also extend the life of the unit as you won’t have to replace the RHYTHM+ if/when the strap goes.


The Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor is a comfortable arm band HR monitor that is easy to setup and use with a battery life that should last you a solid day if need be. If you’re looking for a HR monitor, you should definitely give the Scosche RHYTHM+ some serious consideration.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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