Google Chrome May Finally Be Getting Better On Macs

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Not all browsers are created equal and everyone has their favorite one they like to use. Internet Explorer is famously called the browser to download another browser. Safari is a sleek powerhouse on Macs but struggles to work very well on PC’s. Firefox was once a go to but since has been swallowed by one of the most popular browsers on the market, Google Chrome.

Chrome is probably (subjectively) one of the best browsers built and pretty widely used on both PC and Mac. And while Chrome is rightfully one of the best, it’s also one of the worst, on the Mac anyway. Chrome is an intense resource hog on the Mac and many Mac users simply use the default Safari which is much more streamlined than Chrome. The issue with that is some users really love Chrome’s extensions and integration with Google services. But fear not Mac users, according to Peter Kasting Chrome is finally going to get better on Mac.

In a post published to Google+, Kasting outlined several areas of browser performance the Chrome team has been working on improving. For example, background tab rendering is now set at a lower priority, which means that other, more pressing tasks will get processor resources ahead of a webpage you may not look at right away anyway. And Kasting says the team has managed to reduce processor use up to 70 percent for certain tasks on Chrome for Mac.

This is great news for Mac users who are frustrated with the amount of power it takes to run Chrome. They can finally run Chrome with their favorite extensions without sacrificing resources and that’s a good thing for them. Google does a lot of things great but not everything perfect, it’s good to see them addressing these issues with Chrome for Mac. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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