Dishonored 2 coming in 2016; Dishonored: Definitive Edition Out This Fall

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Something genuinely exciting has been announced.

Amidst some confusion about who said what where and whether they were supposed to or not, finally Bethesda have, somewhat unexpectedly, announced Dishonored 2, a follow up to the 2012 surprise hit.

Dishonored was one of the most original, intriguing and engrossing adventures of the last generation. The original followed the adventures of Corvo Attano as he unravelled a plot to steal a crumbling steampunk empire; the Dishonored 2 reveal trailer promises a continuation of the story, playing as the nascent Empress Emily Caldwell, returning from the first game. Players will still be able to play as Corvo, but a new city, new character and new powers promise to make this more than just a retread of the original.

Slated for a release sometime in 2016, we’re totally excited for more from The Outsider and the Dishonoured universe. It’s rare enough that AAA developers risk either a new IP, or a different take on gameplay, but Bethesda won my heart last time by shooting for both and knocking it it of the park (to mix metaphors picked to appeal to my American colleagues).

As a native Brit, I shall say jolly good, what, what? Here’s to another jaunt into something splendid! I can’t wait for the opportunity to explore some more tea, crumpets, murder and intrigue… although I notice that they still haven’t fixed the spelling. Here’s the reveal trailer so you can all get as excited as I am!

For those looking to catch up, Arkane Studios also announced Dishonored: The Definitive Edition which is due out this fall with all the DLC of the original game and enhanced graphics for PS4 and Xbox One.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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