Nyrius’ Songo Portable Receiver Brings Bluetooth To Your Car


Let’s face it, there are still a lot of good cars out on the road that don’t have Bluetooth connectivity. The Nyrius’ Songo Portable Receiver is a product that can solve that problem. So long as your car has a AUX connection the Songo Portable will work for you. Priced in at $24.99 it’s not a bad deal for a Bluetooth solution. I know we’ve reviewed one like this in the past and that was $10 more than the Songo. I’d expect the Songo to work pretty well as Bluetooth has gotten better over the years. The Songo also has a power button, play and skip buttons on the unit, which is convenient in the car. Read the full press release below.

Nyrius Songo Portable 4

Full Press Release

NIAGARA FALLS, ON – June 23, 2015 – The Songo Portable, available now, is a compact Bluetooth music receiver that allows users to stream music wirelessly to their non-Bluetooth-enabled car stereos, speaker systems and headphones. With the Songo Portable, users can enjoy tunes from the comfort of their home, vehicle, the gym and more, while avoiding the hassle of messy cables.

When connected via its 3.5mm auxiliary port, the Songo Portable provides additional capabilities to wired speaker systems by making them fully wireless and operable via Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets and more. When connected to a vehicle, it allows users to stream their favorite Pandora or Spotify playlists while on the road.

The Songo Portable doesn’t sacrifice sound for function. It delivers crystal clear audio with the fullest frequency range, unlike competing FM transmitters that can cause signals to break up due to their poor connection. The user-friendly device also features a power button to play, pause or skip tracks with one tap.

Additional features include a Velcro tab to conveniently mount it on dashboards or flat surfaces, an integrated audio coupler to provide wired headphones with Bluetooth connectivity, and a 14 hour battery life to keep the wireless tunes streaming all day.

The Songo Portable is available now for $24.99 on Nyrius.com.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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