Activists Seeking To Shut Down Google Korea

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Activists in Korea are seeking to shut down Google Korea claiming the company has violated Telecommunications Business Law in their country. The civil activists say they will file a complaint with the Korea Communications Commission (much like our FCC) on Monday July 6th. Google Korea is registered as a “value added common carrier” meaning the shall provide search engine services as well as Internet advertisement services in the country. According to the civil activists Google’s latest declaration claims it is a business entity and that the company made a false declaration about being a VACC. The group is also asking Google to answer questions about users information being released to third parties.

Google is suspected of passing on private information of its users, including Gmail users’ personal details to the administrators of a U.S. intelligence program known as PRISM. Six members of four civic groups ― the Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice, the Korea Progressive Network Center, Amnesty International’s Korean chapter and Citizen Action ― filed a lawsuit on this last year.

Google argues that the Korean government has no jurisdiction over them as they are an American company but the civil activists say Google is under the law since it has been doing business in Korea. The jurisdiction argument is certainly going to be one for the lawyers from both sides to bang out but for now we are expecting the civil group to file the complaint to the KCC on Monday. Hit the source links below for more on the story.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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