Card Hunter Journeys To Steam With Co-op Multiplayer And Expansion

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I first stumbled upon Card Hunter just under two years ago. Currently available to play in your web browserCard Hunter is one of the first online collectible card games I played. The appeal of Card Hunter over other games however, is the combination of card play, deck building, tactical combat, and classical fantasy role-playing. This really adds another level to the quests and gameplay which features a D&D style board in combination with the cards you play.

Card Hunter features a D&D style game board in addition to the cards you play.

Blue Manchu, the developer of the game, has announced that the popular game will be coming to Steam later this month as a standalone free-to-play client. In addition, a new high level expansion pack called “Expedition to the Sky Citadel” will launch and introduces “punishing” new game mechanics and items. A new GM is being introduced as well:

“introducing new a computerized GM ‘Cardotron 2000’. Cardotron 2000 is guaranteed 100% bug free and will definitely, never ever, lose its mind and raise an army of mutants and rebellious robots, as Shodan did in System Shock 2.”

The expansion features 6 new adventures and is designed for parties between levels 18 to 20 – for those who aren’t quite there yet there will be an option to use a pre-built level 18 party.

Co-operative multiplayer support has long been a requested feature and both the browser and Steam versions will support co-op multiplayer for the entire campaign. Coupled with the existing deck building through character upgrade system in place, this should definitely add a new level of play for the game alongside the expansion.

In Card Hunter, decks are built and upgraded through your equipment.

“The Steam ecosystem is called home by millions of gamers across the globe, and we felt the time was right to launch a client version of the game to connect with that audience,” explains Jonathan Chey. “Card Hunter is now a mature, balanced game with a huge amount of free-to-play and optional add-on content, and we have implemented the fan-anticipated co-op mode. We felt that with the completion of Expedition to the Sky Citadel, the most challenging and fun expansion to date, there was no excuse not to embrace Steam and its community.”

Cardotron 2000 adds: “If you value that meat you call a body, you will download this game and witness my true glory.”

Oh, and if you’ve been playing a lot on the web version, Blue Manchu indicates that your progress will carry over from the browser version to the Steam client and vice versa.

Have you been playing Card Hunter? Are you looking forward to the Steam version and the “Expedition to the Sky” expansion pack? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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