Tim Cook Wants Apple Stores To Be A Symmetrical Utopian Paradise

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There is no question that Apple designs some of the best technology products on the planet, I mean I own several of them myself. Now Tim Cook and his team want to bring that design language to third party accessories sold within all Apple Stores. In order to make Apple Stores flow better and to bring symmetry to the look of the stores, Apple is now going to co-design all third party accessory packaging. That’s right, in order to sell your product inside an Apple Store you will need to adhere to Apple’s design standards.

Seems kind of crazy and a bit controlling to require vendors to change their packaging, a part of their own branding, to Apple’s way. Apple is seeking to have what CNET is calling a “common look” across the store. I like to say that Apple is creating it’s own symmetrical Utopian paradise: a place where everything around you is touched by Apple. We don’t know just how much influence Apple will have on the design of third party packaging but if it means being the same as the competition, vendors will have a hard time standing out from each other.

Over the last several months, Apple has been working with many of those third-party accessory makers to create packaging that looks similar to the iPhone maker’s own packaging, according to the report. Accessory makers must have packaging that is nearly all white to match the boxes for the Mac and iPhone, and include “simpler fonts,” the Apple-watching site claims. Better packaging materials and improved images of the accessories are also required.

Companies that fail to adhere to those guidelines will no longer be allowed to sell their products in Apple’s retail stores, according to the report. The regulation could go into effect as early as next week.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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