Two Android Icon Packs You Should Buy


Android icon packs are a great way to give your device personality and make it your own. There are many user who spend quality time picking the right icons, wallpapers and launchers to set themselves apart from the crowd. It’s one of the things that makes Android a great mobile OS choice. Today I’m going to show you two Android icon packs I think you really should buy.

Dark Void


Dark Void is a minimal dark themed icon pack that goes well with light backgrounds and bright deep colored backgrounds. I used this icon pack in my Deadpool set up a few weeks ago. Dark Void – Minimalist Sci-Fi/Space Icon Pack features space themed wallpapers and backgrounds.

Dark Void’s icons are simple, clean, minimal, flat icons for Android devices. Icon centers are transparent showing the background behind them. The hollow icon center changes with whatever is behind it making the entire display blend together really well.

  • 3,150+ hand crafted flat, clean & simple dark black flat HD Icons
  • 200+ wallpapers included. Downloadable from the cloud. Browse and save the ones you want. All wallpapers shown are included!
  • XXXHDPI high definition icons included for super large HD screens. All Icons are 192×192.
  • Customized cloud/sky/sci-fi/scenic wallpapers. Wallpapers have been edited to show off icons nicely. Icons can be downloaded from the cloud.
  • Some parts of the flat icons are transparent letting each show the provided sky/landscape backgrounds or to your own backgrounds.
  • Contains over 3,150 different clean, flat, dark and simple icons with many variations of default icons such as phone, contacts, camera, etc
  • Wallpaper chooser comes installed.
  • Easy link to request icons.
  • Clean, dark black icons work best with light wallpapers.
  • Constantly updated along with my other icon packs!
  • click HERE to get them

Free Style


This one is different for me, I’m a huge fan of symmetrical icons meaning all the icons have the same shape (circle, square, rectangle etc) and the logo is drawn inside that shape. Free Style does not do that but opts for a free form design, a design I do not favor. But after downloading this pack and using it for awhile, the quality of the work is top notch and is making me rethink freeform icons.

Freestyle icon pack is a beautifully crafted icon pack with every icon designed with attention to every detail. All the icons are made using material color pallet and implementing different design choices. It currently has over 450+ icons and growing and 30+ QHD walls that match the icons.

  • Material Dashboard with icon request tool.
  • 450+ icons and growing
  • 30+ walls
  • click HERE to get them

There you have it, two outstanding icon packs you need to add to your collection. Free Style is still in Beta and you’ll have to join the community on Google+ to gain access. Please note, icon packs only work if you use a custom launcher like Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher or others on the Play Store, do not purchase these if you are not using a custom launcher.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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