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Microsoft HoloLens Video Demos How It Can Train Doctors


While Microsoft is making job cuts and restructuring their business to better compete, they’re still hard at work at some cool new technology. Microsoft posted a HoloLens video on YouTube yesterday that demos how it can be used to train doctors. HoloLens allowed the students to walk around a 3D model of the human body that showed how bones, muscles and organs function, this eliminates the need to cut into cadavers. Check out the video below.

What we see on the video isn’t exactly what the wearer of the HoloLens sees but it’s the best representation of what can be seen with HoloLens. Case Western Reserve University is where the video was shot and the HoloLens was demoed and used and it seemed to go over well with the staff. What’s really cool is the ability of HoloLens to deconstruct the human body in 3D so if a doctor or student wants to look at the heart, they can just pull it right out. They’re also able to manipulate the 3D model with gestures and move the parts around.

HoloLens is an excellent project that we hope Microsoft continues to invest in. There are so many applications it could be used in from medical to entertainment, the sky is the limit here.

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