iCloud Users In Greece Get 30 Days Free From Apple

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Apple has extended iCloud services by 30 free days to users in Greece who are unable to pay their bill due to the financial crisis. Apple wants to prevent an interruption in service to its Greek users and has decided to reverse its initial course of action it stated in an email in June. In that email Apple warned Greek iCloud users that they would be downgraded to a lower tier of iCloud storage if their bills were not paid.

As a byproduct of Greece’s recent “no” vote to financial austerity measures, and as it seeks a new bailout loan, the country instituted capital control restrictions to stave off a potential cash exodus and utter financial collapse. Among commercial and private financial limitations, the blanket bans prohibit lenders like credit card companies from settling debt with international processors, which in turn affects services like Apple’s iCloud.

Dear iCloud customer,

To prevent interruption in your iCloud service during the current fiscal crisis, and to make sure you have access to your content, we’ve extended your iCloud storage plan for an extra 30 days at no additional cost.

We won’t attempt to charge you for your plan until 30 days after your original renewal date. If we are unable to renew your plan, you may need to reduce the amount of iCloud storage you use.

The iCloud Team

Greece’s capital controls affect not only Apple users but just about any user in Greece who uses online services they aren’t able to pay for due to the restrictions.

What do you think of Apple offering some small gesture of relief? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Last Updated on September 24, 2022.


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