Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman Trailer Has Destroyed My World

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OK, let me explain my headline first. Let it be known that I am of the opinion that Marvel does movies better than DC and I have enjoyed more Marvel movies than I have DC movies. To contradict my first point, a bit, I also believe the DC Batman movies are the best they’ve ever done. I enjoyed Michael Keaton’s first run at Batman, the ones after that weren’t so great. But then Christian Bale and The Dark Knight showed up and revived my love of the movie series. As a former comic collector I read mostly Marvel titles, Batman was the one exception from the DC offerings and some others from Image, Valiant, EPIC and other indies. Now before I go on let’s have a look at the Batman v Superman trailer so you might understand why my world has been destroyed.

Let’s talk Superman for a minute. I’ve always been a fan of the anti-hero, Batman, Deadpool, The Punisher, The Watchmen, Wolverine etc. etc. You know, the guys who get justice no matter the cost, we don’t putz around, we get the job done and someone just might die, everything Superman usually isn’t. I really wanted to love the Superman movies, the closest I think I ever got was Christopher Reeves first Superman movie. I had great expectations for the new Superman movies but they just didn’t deliver what I thought they should have, for me anyway. I know a lot of Superman fans will probably burn me at the stake for all this negative Nancy talk about the Man of Steel, no worries. I just have no love for Superman, he’s a choir boy and I need more violence from my hero. Why? Because the bad guy deserves to be beat down like the trash he is, that’s justice.

That is my world. Marvel kicks ass, DC sucks, Batman is decent and Superman is worthless. And now my world just might have been destroyed.

Enter the Batman v Superman trailer. Dark, gritty, brooding even Superman looks like a badass. What have you done Zack Snyder!? Could you have possibly made that which I’ve flippantly tossed aside into something I’m jumping into the garbage to retrieve? Are you going to make me eat crow after so many years of bad mouthing Man of Steel? Could this short three minutes of cinema REALLY reflect what you’re going to present to us in theaters?God! I sure hope so! I hope you can make me a fan of Superman again! I hope you can help DC make a better movie! I love Marvel’s movies (even the bad ones) but it sure would be something to finally watch something worth my money from DC. Thanks Zack Snyder, for destroying my world……or getting my hopes up. Only time will tell.

Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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