The Flash: Catch-Up And Primer For Season 2


Comic-Con is over and a lot happened. A lot. Some of that even involved The Flash television series which is a good thing. If you haven’t see the recap video yet go watch that below now, I’ll wait. Seriously, you need to see it to understand some of what comes next.

Done? Good. So. Zoom. ::confetti::

First off, who is Zoom? For those that aren’t fans of the Flash comics Professor Zoom is Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. the second Reverse Flash. In the comics he is the archenemy of the second Flash, Barry Allen and the ancestor of one Bart Allen, a future Flash. There is a lot of story arc in the Reverse Flash / Zoom timeline but the short version is that he travels back in time on multiple occasions to screw with Barrys life. First appearing to kill Iris, Barry’s then wife, and again nearly killing Barry’s new fiancée.

Now, there is another character called Zoom (No ‘Professor’) in the comics. He is the third iteration of the Reverse Flash (because they all essentially wear the same colored suit) and goes by the name of Hunter Zoloman. He is the enemy of the third Flash, Wally West: the son of Barry Allen and Iris West.

Confused? Good. Because things are going to get worse.

The show isn’t sticking completely with the canon of the comics, which is a good thing. Not everything translates easily from one medium to another, not to mention that different creative minds add twists and turns that the original creators of Flash didn’t think of. Not better or worse, just different. One example is Harrison Wells. He doesn’t exist in the Flash comics, but was created as a way to hide the villain in the show. It made the payoff of the reveal that much better because of the duplicity. Since we’ve already seen Eobard and Reverse Flash, and we know that Tom Cavanaugh is returning, it’s a safe bet to assume that that version of Reverse Flash is gone and a new version (Zoom) is coming.

Or not. We could be seeing a new improved version of Cavanaugh as the Reverse Flash, also from the future and with a different name: Professor Zoom.

That said we have already seen Time Travel and there has been talk of more for season two. Without getting too technical, if there is more time travel it’s possible we could see Harrison Wells as Harrison Wells, not a hidden Thawne. It’s also possible that since Thawne was wiped from existence (with Eddie’s death), he never killed Wells so Wells was never Thawne to begin with.

In addition, we’ve already had hints at another Flash (the helmet in the season one finale), the original one – Jay Garrick – who has been cast so we are at least seeing him for a bit. And there is his voice over in the video above.

And if all that isn’t enough, this is Flash. It’s wrapped in twists and time travel like no other show (save Doctor Who). There have been resets and resets of the resets and splinter timelines, Crisis’, and multiple versions of the same characters. There is no end to the possibilities for this show.

And I for one am looking forward to it’s return in the Fall

Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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