Teen Makes Gun Firing Drone Uploads Video To YouTube


Clinton, Conneticut resident Austin Haughwout has created what appears to be the first documented gun firing drone. At least the first one made by a private citizen. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone really as the government likely already has this technology in place somewhere. In 2012 a Russian YouTuber created a Quadcopter drone with a machine gun attachment and showed what kind of damage it could do. Many called his footage CGI but you can be the judge of that, check out the videos below. The first is the gun firing drone made by Austin Haughwout and the second from YouTuber FPSRussia.

Both of these look mighty dangerous and in the wrong hands could do some serious damage. The FAA has rules in place that prevent weapons being placed on any aircraft, including drones. Only military aircraft are allowed to have such features so what Austin Haughwout has built is highly illegal. The larger concern most people have is with the knowledge that this is doable at such a low cost may influence others to try it themselves. I would personally advise against it unless you’re comfortable in a concrete jail cell.

What do you think of the gun firing drone? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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