Leaked Slides Expose Intel’s Next Line of Processors: Skylake


“Skylake.” What sounds like the name of  an upcoming James Bond film, is in reality something that should be far less disappointing. OK, fine; “Spectre” looks good, but let’s all agree that Solace and Skyfall were terrible. The name could represent the next generation of Intel’s processors. Chips that could very likely make their way into PCs by the end of the year and appear in such anticipated devices as the Surface Pro 4.

Let’s be clear here: Intel has NOT announced anything officially. All we get is a peek via a few leaked slides, obtained and shared with the world by the good people at “FanlessTech.” One look at some of these improvements though would make anyone hope that these are legit. As FanlessTech points out:

“…gone are the days of moderate improvement, Intel is gearing up for something big with Skylake.”

Hardly an overstatement when you look at what Intel is supposedly working on.

Skylake Slide 1 Leak

Skylake Slide 2 Leak
Skylake Slide 2 Leak
Skylake Slide 3 Leak
Skylake Slide 3 Leak

Now, everyone of course has distinct preferences and priorities when it comes to where their devices must be strongest and most improved. But as you go down the slides, it looks like Intel is making impressive strides in just about every category. And this isn’t even an official or all-inclusive list.

For me, the 30% increase in battery life and an incredible up-to-50% increase in 3D immediately jumped out. As did the 10 – 20% increase in overall performance across the entire line. 4k video support, CAT 6 LTE,  Bluetooth 4.1… oh my.

The downside here (besides this all possibly being fake), is that these are unlikely to be ready before the late fall/winter 2015. So all those hoping to see a refreshed Surface Pro 4 launch alongside Windows 10 this summer will likely have to wait a bit longer. But few can argue that if these slides are indeed legitimate, the wait will be well worth it.

What do you think; real or fake? Worth the wait? Leave us a comment here or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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