E-BLUE K727 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Keyboards are like a pair of nice shoes to most people, you just have to find the right one for you and you’re in love. Some people love the look and feel of Apple’s MacBook Pro’s chiclet style keyboard and some really like the fingernail shaped keys on some of Lenovo’s laptops. Same goes for desktop keyboards, they range from split keys to chiclet style and mechanical keys. That last one, mechanical keyboards, are usually highly favored by PC gaming enthusiasts. The E-Blue K727 mechanical gaming keyboard is a beautifully crafted piece of mechanical gaming keyboard beauty with multiple functions. The K727 is constructed of metal and high quality plastics for the keys themselves. The keyboard is backlit with cherry MX switches that come in blue, black, brown or red. Mechanical keyboards have a much further travel than regular keyboards to accommodate the intense strokes gamers make on their keyboards and the high quality keys on the K727 should be a joy to use.


The E-BLUE K727 is a high-grade mechanical gaming keyboard that employs the best selection of CHERRY MX Switches available. It is positioned as a premium quality keyboard with an attractive value proposition. It features a minimalistic design inspiration that makes it both an affordable step into using mechanical gaming keyboards and worthy of competitive use.


Main Features:
● Cherry blue switch: Comes with renowned Cherry MX Blue switches that deliver low resistance and click feedback, as well as over 50 million keystrokes life cycle for ultimate durability and reliability.
● Colorful backlight with 6 modes bring you ultimate using experience.
● Customizable RGB LED backlighting supported.
● Full N-Key rollover function: It can have multiple keys pressed at the same time without conflict, providing an incredible advantage for gamers.
● Floating keycap is designed for more ergonomic and comfortable typing angles.
● Command rate adjustments in 3 levels (2mS, 4mS, 8mS) to meet your different game needs.
● Embedded steel plate beneath keys for extreme stability and durability.

The K727 floating keycap is designed for ergonomic and comfortable typing angles and the keys are laid out in a laddering style. The full N-key rollover provides an incredible advantage for gamers when the absolutely need it.  Command rate adjustments come in three levels (2ms, 4ms and 8ms) to meet everyone’s particular gaming need. The steel construction under the keys adds durability and stability while you’re playing those intense first person shooters. The K727 also offers a variety of key combos to switch modes on the fly and quickly. The keys provide a fast response and tactile feel, deliver a quiet and soft bump response for each key and deliver low resistance and click feedback.


The E-BLUE K727 is available at Gearbest for the awesome price of $71.52 plus free shipping. If you’re a gamers gamer then you know what a good mechanical keyboard will cost you. Hit the link below to grab this sweet deal on an amazing mechanical keyboard that’s sure to bring your gaming up to the next level.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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