TWRP Manager From Jmz Software Gets A Huge Update With Material Design And New Features


Android has always been a bastion of customization and creativity not only for users, but developers and designers as well. From the simplest home screen wallpaper changes to custom ROMs, themes, icon packs, and everything in between, you can make your Android into nearly anything you want it to be with the right tools. One tool that will greatly help with many of those customizations is TWRP Manager from Jmz Software, and today it has received a huge update, adding not only an entirely new design but also new functionality.

TWRP Manager Design Update 2
TWRP Manager’s New Design

TWRP Manager is a backup and recovery app that requires root access. Once you’ve rooted your phone, TWRP Manager will allow you to install the TWRP recovery, install zip files, backup your devices and restore those backups all while still inside the ROM. I’ll admit it’s been quite some time since I’ve messed with any sort of custom ROMS (all the way back to my G1, actually) but I remember having to boot my phone to recovery before being able to backup, recover, or flash anything, which meant a lot of down time. With TWRP Manager, you’ll spend less time outside of Android as you’ll be able to run a Nandroid backup without rebooting your phone. You can then set up which zip file you’d like to flash all from within the app.

Once you are ready, TWRP Manager will reboot into recovery and take the steps that you’ve requested. If you’re simply flashing a mod, a new kernel, gapps package, etc. you won’t need to wipe your device and it will be back up and going before you know it. if you’re installing a new ROM, you will have to wipe — which will slow your progress down a bit — though that’s obviously no fault of TWRP Manager.

With the newest update, TWRP Manager has completely redesigned the app, going from a HOLO look and feel to a full Material Design one that the kids are so crazy about. You’ll now also be able to tweak the colors, as well as the background color, of the app. On the functionality front, this update has added a new progress view on the app’s Live Backup feature. You’ll now be able to keep an eye on the status of your backup from the notification window.

TWRP Manager Progress View2
New Live Backup Progress View

TWRP Manager looks like a great app, and if you’re one that enjoys flashing custom ROMs it seems like a tool you shouldn’t be without. The newest update splashes a fresh coat of paint on an already very functional app and even adds some additional functionality to help keep you using your phone. Instead of waiting on your phone to finish, your phone will be waiting on you.

You’ve hopefully seen that we at Techaeris have been working with Android Theme Designer Travis Hall to create custom themes for both Techaeris and MOARGeek. Once you’ve rooted your phone, TWRP Manager will help you install a custom ROM with the CM12 Theme Engine so that you can look at all of the great work that Travis has done. Sounds like a win-win situation to me!

You can download TWRP Manager for free on Google Play right now. Let us know what you think about the new updates in the comments below or on your favorite social network.


Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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