United Airlines Hacked Flight Manifests Stolen

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It seems each day that goes by there’s a new company being compromised and this time United Airlines was the target. The hackers, based in China, are believed to be the same group that hit the US Office Of Personal Management as well as insurance company Anthem. United detected the hacks into their systems back in May and June of this year.

United Airlines is the second largest airline in the world and holds contracts with the US Government which means the hackers could potentially have the movements of US officials. Flight manifests were stolen in this hack which also contain the movements, names and details of millions of Americans and other foreign citizens.

United Airlines has a bug bounty program in place where they pay hackers to find vulnerabilities in their systems so they can better secure them. Just a few weeks ago the company paid two hackers 1.25 million frequent flyer miles for exposing some holes in their system. It looks like those weren’t the only holes United was suffering from.

It’s probably safe to assume United has the hole plugged now but what happens with all those flight manifests remains to be seen.

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