Be Careful Of Windows 10 Upgrade Email Scam Circulating


Still haven’t received your Windows 10 upgrade notification from Microsoft? Are you getting a little impatient and really wishing they would get on with it? That’s all well and good but you should be aware of a new Windows 10 upgrade email scam that has begun circulating that installs ransomware on your computer. The phishing scammers are sending out emails now with a legitimate “looking” address of,, in which they tell the recipient they are eligible to upgrade to Windows 10. There is, of course, an attachment one must click on in order to download and install Windows 10 and that’s where you start the journey down a hole you don’t want to be in.

courtesy Cisco

When you open the zip file and run the program your machine will be taken over by CTB-Locker, a ransomware program. The program will tell you that you must submit a payment in order to decrypt and gain control of your machine otherwise you will lose your files.

courtesy Cisco

With the amount of people still waiting on their upgrade there are sure to be a few that will fall for this scam. You should know that your upgrade will be prompted by the system in the system tray and Microsoft will not send you an email. You should also be sure all your files and data are backed up to an external hard drive so if you do fall victim, you can recover your data, wipe your machine and start over. You can watch a video below of how the install works, courtesy of Cisco.

Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Facebook and Twitter if you’ve been the victim of this scam.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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