New Blackview Phone Concept The OnePlus 2 Killer?

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Now that the OnePlus 2 has been announced and specs, photos and marketing are in full swing, reactions are coming in fast and furious. Heavy criticism has been thrown at OnePlus for leaving out some key features a lot of fans felt should have been included. Near Field Communication (NFC) is probably one of the biggest. With Google Wallet taking advantage of NFC and many accessories using the technology, it’s a mystery why OnePlus would have left the feature off. Also missing from the “Flagship Killer” is wireless charging and rapid charge technology, both are features many Android fans have grown to love and many are furious it wasn’t included. With the OnePlus 2 price tag going up and features being taken off could a new concept phone from Blackview be the OnePlus 2 killer?

Warning, lots of speculation ahead.

Not much is known about this concept phone from Blackview (and the only photo is the one up top) but GizChina claims to have talked to the company regarding this mystery phone, which the company says will be announced September of this year. Blackview is a technology company that started in 2013 with a mission very similar to OnePlus, making technology more affordable. It appears it sells very reasonably priced smartphones at over 2,000 retail outlets around the world. The company has phones that run Android, ColorOS, Cyanogen, MIUI and more. Currently its newest model ALife P1Pro is selling for $99.99US. GizChina lays out the specs of Blackview’s latest secret phone and they look something like this.

Blackview say their new phone will feature all the usual bits and bobs that make it a flagship device. A slim body, bezel-less design, 2K display, and 4GB RAM. Not following in the Snapdragon trap, Blackview have opted for a Mediatek MT6797 chipset for power and will spec the device with either 16-32GB internal memory.

Front camera hardware is still a mystery but the rear sensor will be a 20 mega-pixel Sony IMX230 camera. All very promising!

The feature that is of note though is the integrated fingerprint sensor inside the glass of the phone, eliminating any need for a home button scanner or back scanner. That is what caught my eye about this story. I know very little about Blackview, or its phones, but if what GizChina reports is true, this phone should be interesting to check out. And if it’s priced at $99.99 with killer specs, it’s a phone worth writing about. We’ll try and keep abreast of this supposed OnePlus 2 killer and let you know if it ever gets announced.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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