Could Apple Be Launching More Apps On Android?

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The mobile operating system wars have been raging for years now with Apple and Google being the two top dogs scrapping it out almost constantly. Apple has been notoriously closed off when it comes to iOS and application development preferring a more controlled environment to how things are done. Google’s Android on the other hand is far more open giving developers a broader reach to create applications with an open source base. While Google is a competitor to Apple, Google has long seen the benefit of offering many of it’s core apps to iOS users while Apple has no apps on Android to date.



With the launch of Apple Music it was revealed that Apple would make that service available to Android users as well. This will mark the first time Apple is offering any service on a competing mobile platform. The decision to do this raised some eyebrows as it’s a very non-Apple move but many have praised the idea. Now 9to5 Mac reports a new job opening within Apple that may point to Apple bringing more applications to Android. While Apple wants everyone using an iPhone and its ecosystem, perhaps they’ve finally realized that it’s not going to work out that way. Many Android users use Mac computers and maybe that is the motivation behind bringing more Apple apps to Android. That is a large user base that they could be benefiting from that they currently aren’t.

Apple job listing

Whatever this job opening is for, it has Android written all over it and we’re crossing our fingers that it may mean good things for consumers. Offering more choice is one thing Apple has been reluctant to do, preferring to keep customers tucked under their arms, so perhaps this is a turning point for the company. But don’t expect an overnight change of heart, this could also be the early stages of testing the waters to see if something like this is even worth the effort. In my opinion I think cross-platform cooperation and application development is worth it. Not only are you grabbing users you might not have had in the first place but you’re providing more choices which ultimately breeds the drive to improve.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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