More Asus Smartphones To Come As Company Focuses On Mobile

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Asus smartphones are starting to make themselves known across the globe as the company starts offering up more models. On a recent visit to India, Asus-Tek chairman Jonney Shih said Asus would be shifting its focus into the mobile market and away from the PC market as they feel the PC is slowly dying. Asus will start offering more smartphones as well as convertibles to keep up with the trend.

“The PC market is slowly showing signs of decay as the world is moving to a cloud first, mobile first platform. At Asus, we believe in riding the current technology wave and hence in our research and development we are focusing more on devices like convertibles that will provide more productivity and connectivity on the go,” Jonney Shih told IANS on the sidelines of the Zen Festival where Asus launched three new phones and showcased some tablets.

“The trend is to get to a convergent device that will replace all other devices and make it easier for the easier. Having said that, mobile computing is still behind compared to PC-like experience,” Shih said.

It looks like Asus will be using Android as one of its primary operating systems, likely with their own skin over top, but they’ve also courted Microsoft and are prepared to make Windows 10 Mobile devices as well.

Shih said, “Android is not doing much about productivity on tablets or phablets but Microsoft comes with a promise. I believe that work and play cannot be separated and hence the user should have the choice of just one device which does it all for the person.”

Another change Asus will bring into the smartphone market is the use of Intel chipsets instead of Qualcomm and MediaTek. Most Android smartphone makers opt for the later as Intel ignored the mobile market for too long and is lagging behind. But Asus is betting that Intel will be making chipsets that can compete with the competition. The move to mobile and away from bulky heavy devices is only going to become more common as devices slim down and become more powerful. Asus is trying to get ahead of that curve in hopes that their future will be set going forward.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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