Xbox One DVR Coming Soon… With A Catch

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Microsoft has been really pushing the gaming component of the Xbox One lately, but that doesn’t mean they’ve backed down from other aspects of entertainment on the console. A couple months ago, they released the Hauppauge Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One in Canada and the U.S. and the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner has been available for some time in Australia and 16 European countries offering over-the-air (OTA) TV to users.

Xbox has announced the next step in TV watching on the Xbox One at gamescom 2015 – Xbox One DVR capabilities. Before you get too excited however, the DVR functionality is dependent on two things: first, it only works on OTA TV and second, requires an external hard drive to function.

With DVR for Over-the-Air TV, you’ll never miss a minute of your favorite TV shows, movies or sporting events when you want to play a game or need to step out. Once your Xbox One is set up for over-the-air TV, it’s as easy as plugging a USB hard drive into your Xbox One console and recording your content. And by recording content to an external drive, there’s no impact on your gameplay activities or ability to save to the console.

Not only will you be able to stream recorded shows to other devices including Android and iOS phones and tablets, you can download those shows to your Windows 10 phone, PC, or tablet to watch on the go. The Windows 10 Xbox App and the Xbox One SmartGlass app for Android and iOS will allow you to remotely manage your recordings, including adding and editing existing scheduled recordings.

While it is a step forward, it’s easy to see why Xbox has chosen to start off with Xbox One DVR for OTA TV only given the functionality and ability to copy and take your recorded shows where you want, the licensing headaches with cable service providers wouldn’t be too fun to deal with. Still, here’s hoping that one day we’ll be able to record any TV we watch on the Xbox One.

What do you think of the announcement to allow Xbox One DVR for OTA TV? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on January 12, 2019.


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