Apple Might Be Looking Towards Enterprise iPad Sales For Future Growth

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Apple iPad sales have suffered over the past months and that’s really no surprise to us. As more users buy larger screen smartphones, including the iPhone 6 Plus, a tablet just doesn’t make as much sense anymore. With the Nexus 6 sitting on a six inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus at 5.5″ those extra 2-3 inches just don’t seem to matter to consumers. On top of the increased size of smartphones you also have the cost of owning both an iPhone and iPad, which can cause wallet shock to many. Apple has seen the trend with its iPad sales dropping and now new speculation is pointing to the company eyeballing enterprise iPad sales to bolster the bottom line.

Reports indicate that Apple is working with specific software app developers to make more business oriented applications for the iPad, accounting, presentation and metrics apps are the goal here. Apple is hoping that by providing superior apps for business, more businesses will adopt the iPad as a daily business tool. The daily life of a business person may involve many meetings and movement through the day and having something lightweight to carry is certainly an appealing thought. Apple had no specific comment on the matter only saying “we are developing iOS solutions across industries that will empower employees and usher in a new era of productivity.” 

But Apple does have its work cut out for it in the enterprise market. There are already many other tablets, convertibles and ultrabooks that are fairly light and portable being used by enterprise companies. Windows Surface tablet is a prime example as are ultrabooks like Lenovo’s LaVie and LaVie 360. We’ve no idea what software developers Apple is working with but it just might take them making apps that businesses want to have to give Apple some kind of edge into enterprise sales.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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