Russia May Block Popular Website Reddit Over Drug Post


Russia may block popular website Reddit over a post discussing how to grow mushrooms. The block would be initiated by Roskomnadzor – Russia’s Federal service for the Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media. Under Russian law this agency has the authority to perform such an action.  A statement on their website explains their reasons behind the potential block.

translated from Russian

At the request of Federal Drug Control Service is ready to make the registry page of the site reddit, which posted an article on the cultivation of narcotic plants. Notifications to the requirement to remove the information sent to multiple addresses resource, but no response is still not forthcoming, although earlier treatment from us in the administration treated full. We assume that during the August holidays someone is too relaxed, but this should not be a reason to venture readership. Those who have contacts with the administration – ask them to check your mail for letters from Roskomnadzor otherwise due the technical features of a number of operators may block the entire site.

From the choppy Google Translation it appears that Roskomnadzor has tried to contact Reddit over the offending post. So far they say they’ve not received any response from anyone from Reddit. It seems they’re reaching out for anyone to get a message to the site admins that they’re looking to talk. Although we’re not really certain how Reddit would handle this request as most Redditors are used to being able to post pretty much any content they like. Rules are changing a bit on the site and they are trying to crack down on certain offense posts but removing a post on how to grow mushrooms (not the legal kind) might not fall on their to-do list.

We’ve not found the actual offending post being referred to so we do know the extent of the content. But it’s severe enough in the eyes of Russian authorities that they want it pulled. So far Reddit has had no response or comment.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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