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British Runner Running From Canada To Argentina With The Help Of His Lumia 930


Jamie Ramsay, a 35-year-old British adventure runner, has run 10,000km of an 18,000km solo run from Vancouver, B.C., Canada to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Running to raise awareness about Male Suicide, WaterAid & Macmillan cancer support, Ramsay embarked on his journey in August of 2014, has been running for over a year already, and hopes to complete it in January of 2016.

So why are you reading about this on a tech blog? Ramsay was recently featured as part of Microsoft’s Lumia Voices initiative. We’ve been fortunate enough here at Techaeris to be participants in the Lumia Voices program, which has allowed us to review various Lumia devices from Nokia and Microsoft over the past year or so for our readers. But the Lumia Voices program isn’t just about tech blogs and the technically inclined, it also encompasses users from all walks of life and shares their stories through their Lumia Conversations website.

James Ramsay has been using a Lumia 930 during his run to document his journey on Instagram and navigate his route through the use of the Maps app. Prior to taking up his trek spanning multiple countries, Ramsay worked for an international communications agency in London for 12 years.

“Running and traveling have always been passions and last year I decided to combine the two and embark on an 18,000km solo running expedition to raise money for three great British charities.”

Running an average of 42km/day, Ramsay is currently in Columbia and has yet to travel through Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Argentina, including running across what Ramsay calls “a couple of small obstacles” – the Atacama Desert and the Andes.


Ramsay’s route takes him down the western coast of 2 continents and multiple countries before cutting across South America towards Buenos Aires. (courtesy Lumia Conversations)

When asked about his usage of the Lumia 930 on his journey, Ramsay had this to say:

My Lumia is one of the most important pieces of equipment I have with me on this expedition as it is responsible for so many different functions. Here are just a few.

Lumia Camera – My phone is my camera and sometimes my video recorder. With 16mb pixel quality, HD video and the ability to edit and share photos while on the go is essential.

File storage – I use OneDrive for all my files and photos. Photos, films, diary entries, planning materials are all backed up as I run.

Mix Radio – I spend about 6-8 hours running every day and MixRadio allows me to have a constant feed of music blasting from my small speaker.

FollowMee – I am alone and FollowMee allows my father to know where I am at every moment of every day. It is amazingly accurate and gives me that extra sense of safety.

Social Media and Blog – I use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and have a blog called JamieIsRunning, and being able to keep them all up-to-date is so important. I have had such amazing support from friends, family and complete strangers that I feel it is important to bring them along with me on my journey and it’s my Lumia 930 that allows me to do just that.

Here Maps – I have to know where I am going and for this I use Here Maps. It’s great that I can download each country as I go and still be able to navigate when there is no signal.


Just one of the many pictures Ramsay has taken with his Lumia 930 during his run so far. (courtesy Lumia Conversations)

Ramsay’s experience and story is definitely a real life usage experience for the Lumia Voices, and it’s easy to see why they’ve showcased it. Be sure to read the full interview over on the Lumia Conversations website in the link below. You can also check out Ramsay’s website and Twitter accounts and find out more about the charities he’s running for and if inclined help him raise just that much more for them.

Let us know what you think about Ramsay’s journey and the apps he’s using on the Lumia 930 as he treks closer to his goal in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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