Arrow And Flash Weekly Roundup For 8/14/2015

What’s new this week in the worlds of Arrow and Flash? Keep reading to find out in this week’s roundup.

New look for Arrow bunker

Last season the Arrow Bunker got taken out when Captain Lance raided the club and confiscated everything. Kind of difficult to run a secret heroes organization without a base of operations. So the team will be getting a new, hyper modern, super technological ArrowCave. No indication yet of where it is, but based on the look below it’s a decent bet that it’s not at Palmer Tech which is where I personally thought it would be.




Oliver getting a new love interest

Calm down, Olicity isn’t getting broken up. This love interest for Oliver is in the past, before he returned home. It’s meant to potentially serve as a counter or point of comparison to his relationship with Felicity. Elysia Rotaru has been cast to play the role.


Thea is getting a new love interest as well.

Speaking of new love interests, Parker Young has been cast to join Arrow as Alex Davis, someone who works for Oliver Queen and becomes a potential new love interest for Thea since Roy Harper has left the city and essentially told Thea not to look for him anymore.



Justice League character coming to Flash.

Speaking of new stuff coming to the WB Universe, Flash is introducing a new character this coming season. Remember back in the Arrow episode “The Man Under the Hood” when they made reference to Dr. Light, an ex-employee for S.T.A.R. labs? Apparently this is the new character. Now, I myself don’t know a lot about this particular character so I had to dig through Wikipedia a bit, during which I learned that there are two versions, one a hero the other a villian. No mention yet as to which this is though we do know this version is female which happens to be the gender of the hero.


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