Google Life Sciences Leaves Google X Becomes Stand Alone Company

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The restructuring of Alphabet properties continues as another Google division project is splitting off into its own company under Alphabet. Google X is well known as the experimentation division of Google. This is where new ideas are launched and conceived before they land anywhere near a consumer or enterprise application. Now Google Life Sciences is graduating from a Google X project to a stand alone company due to its progress with their research and development. Segrey Brin took to Google+ to make the announcement and here it is in its entirety.

3 years ago we embarked on a project to put computing inside a contact lens — an immensely challenging technical problem with an important application to health. While I am delighted at the progress that project has made, I could not have imagined the potential of the initiative it has grown into — a life sciences team with the mission to develop new technologies to make healthcare more proactive. The efforts it has spawned include a nanodiagnostics platform, a cardiac and activity monitor, and the Baseline Study.

It’s a huge undertaking, and I am delighted to announce that the life sciences team is now ready to graduate from our X lab and become a standalone Alphabet company, with Andy Conrad as CEO. While the reporting structure will be different, their goal remains the same. They’ll continue to work with other life sciences companies to move new technologies from early stage R&D to clinical testing—and, hopefully—transform the way we detect, prevent, and manage disease.

The team is relatively new but very diverse including software engineers, oncologists, and optics experts. This is the type of company we hope will thrive as part of Alphabet and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

This move isn’t that odd as Alphabet starts to take the divisions that make more sense under that umbrella from under the Google umbrella. This was the plan all along as Sergey Brin and Larry Page announced not so long ago. Good to hear that Google Life Sciences is making progress in their research and hope to see good things come from them.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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