Native Union Clic 360° Review – This Is The Case You’ve Been Looking For

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Alright, I’ve had my iPhone 6 Plus since the first week it was released and I’ve gone through more than my fair share of cases to review. For the most part I’ve been happy with the cases I’ve used and generally they’ve gotten great reviews from me. So you can imagine having done that many case reviews that I’ve generally seen most everything there is to offer. Native Union just released a case on August 13th and they sent along a sample for me to take a look at. This is my Native Union Clic 360° review: this is the case you’ve been looking for.


  • Provides protection without the bulk
  • Made with waterproof and stain-resistant British Millerian canvas, the world’s premier manufacturer of waxed cotton, originally used in sails for the British Navy
  • Interior protection forged with new technology inspired by the footwear industry
  • 3D rubber mesh is bonded to the case to give full protection, while being thinner than a credit card
  • Double injected frame is engineered to give optimum protection, absorbing and dissipating energy when the phone is dropped
  • 360 degree bumper fully protects your phone screen
  • Military drop tested
  • Available in Marsala, Olive, Marine Blue, Champagne and Black for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus


What can I say about the Clic 360° design, three words, off the chain! The case sent along to me is black on black and it is absolutely classy in every which way. I’m not talking elegant classy but more urban classy. The British Millerian canvas is just lovely to look at and it feels so natural in the hand. Feeling fabric around your phone is a great experience and is much nicer than feeling all plastic or rubber. The Native Union logo is cleverly added in a small leather stitched square and does not detract from the design but adds to the overall look. The button covers are also very tactile and responsive, something a lot of case makers over look. Leaving the bottom of the case cut out is smart, allowing for aftermarket chargers and headphones to be used easily. Overall the Clic 360° is the nicest designed iPhone case I’ve used in recent memory.


The Clic 360° is not only designed to look good and feel good it’s also made to protect that iPhone of yours and it does it pretty well. The materials used are described in the video below and the do offer some nice drop protection especially on the corners. The mesh inside is great for impact drops and the raised lip around the front of the phone will protect your screen when laid flat. While the Clic 360° is slim, I felt it was thick enough and strong enough to qualify for better than nominal protection, I would put this case up against one of my favorites from UAG any day. Overall this case is going to be great for almost everyone to use, I wouldn’t say construction workers or police officers would want this but normal commuters and office workers will love it.


Native Union’s Clic 360° is competitively priced in at $39.99 and I can say it’s worth the price. A well designed iPhone case offering great protection doesn’t happen all the time and I don’t get this excited about a case very often. Native Union sent me a review sample without packaging and I was still impressed. So yes, great value here at $39.99, highly recommended especially for you urbanites.

Wrap Up

Magnificent design. Exceptional protection. Worth every penny. This is the case you’ve been looking for. That’s about the shortest wrap up I’ve ever done.

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*We were sent a demo unit of the Native Union Clic 360° Case for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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