Teen Claims His Search Engine Is 47% More Accurate Than Google


Anmol Tukrel, a 16 year old Indian-Canadian, claims he has built a search engine that is up to 47% more accurate than Google and 21% more accurate on average. Tukrel’s search engine is part of his Google Science Fair entry and it took him a few months to design and code the engine. An impressive feat for a tenth grader and pretty bold claims to challenge the search engine king.

“I thought I would do something in the personalized search space. It was the most genius thing ever. But when I realised Google already does it, I tried taking it to the next level.”

He claims that his search engine is better than Google because not only does it take into account location or browsing history, but also tries to understand context and meaning. According to the report, Tukrel was in India for a two-week internship programme at Bengaluru-based adtech firm IceCream Labs.

“For someone to look at a successful Google product and attempt to go one level up, it’s astonishing,” said Sanjay Ramakrishnan, co-founder of Ice-Cream Labs, and former marketing manager of Myntra. Tukrel, the student of Holy Trinity School in Toronto, said he learnt to code in his third grade, and subsequently picked up on mathematics and coding.

The interesting part of this whole story is what will happen to his project if it is entered into the Google Science Fair? Does Google have the rights to those projects? Or will he have full control over his code and design? Perhaps he’ll just turn it all over and go work for the big boys themselves? Who knows, but we sure would like to try out his search engine for ourselves.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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