BlackBerry Passport On Video Running Android Lollipop

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Well, this all but confirms that the next version of the BlackBerry Passport could very well be running Android Lollipop. Perhaps the BlackBerry Passport and the BlackBerry Venue are just the first two BlackBerry devices that will be running Android OS. BlackBerry could be moving into a whole new phase of its life and just might find redemption in an old enemy. Check out the video below to see Android Lollipop in action on the BlackBerry Passport (skip to around 4:58).

While understanding the host is a challenge, it’s very noticeable that the system looks pretty smooth on the Passport. The odd shape of the Passport isn’t something I’d like very much but this just shows that the BlackBerry hardware is capable of running Android. With Google working with BlackBerry on shoring up security on Android this could be Google’s open door into the business world. I’m sure there are some business that do allow and use Android devices but they’re not as abundant as iPhone and Windows Phone’s. With the reputation that BlackBerry built in secure enterprise phones Google could very well get their Android OS into the enterprise market in a heavier way via BlackBerry hardware.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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