Use Flash Drives And A USB Hub To Create A RAID Array


OK, there’s this thing geeks like to do that makes absolutely no sense, trying something just to try it. Like installing Windows ’95 on an Android Wear watch. I mean why? Why would anyone want to do that? The answer, because they can. That’s exactly why YouTuber iBookGuy decided he wanted to see if he could take a bunch of flash drives and a 10 port USB 2.0 hub and make them into a RAID array. The crazy thing is, he actually got the thing to work. Take a look at iBookGuy’s full video below. Oh, and ignore his obvious errors in confusing 256GB and 256MB on more than one occasion.

As you can see the experiment worked, although it’s probably not the most cost effective or elegant way of making a RAID array it worked. Even with all those flash drives he was able to achieve decent read/write times but it makes me wonder what his experiment would have looked like had he used USB 3.0 flash drives and a USB 3.0 MacBook Pro. Even if this isn’t a cost effective way to make a massive capacity array, you could make a mini array using this setup with a few 256GB flash drives. Either way, hats off to iBookGuy for a fun little project and proof of concept.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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