Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Disability Grant Granted In France


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity is not recognized as a medical ailment in any country in the world, but a French court has awarded 39 year old Marine Richard with a disability grant for her claim of suffering from the “disability.” People who suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity claim that cellphones, televisions, tablets, routers and any form of electronic gadget causes mild discomfort to life altering disability. The French court awarded the grant even with no scientific evidence linking electromagnetic exposure to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity’s (EHS) symptoms.

In a ruling last month, a court in the southern city of Toulouse decided she can claim a disability allowance — about 800 euros ($912) per month for an adult — for a period of three years.

The ruling accepted that her symptoms prevented Richard from working, but stopped short of recognising EHS as an illness.

The World Health Organization lists EHS as a condition, but says there is “no scientific basis” for linking the symptoms to electromagnetic exposure.

Even with the court not acknowledging the disorder as a medical ailment this ruling does set a precedent in France that could start lines around the corner with claimants of EHS. The ruling should at least spark more research into the condition and hopefully give us a better idea of what these individuals are suffering from and if electromagnetic exposure is causing it.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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