Apple iPad Pro May Debut At September 9th Apple Event

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The long rumored Apple iPad Pro could be showing its 12.9″ face at the upcoming September 9th Apple event. Apple’s possible launching of the iPad Pro makes sense given their latest partnerships with IBM and Cisco to bolster their enterprise presence. With iOS 9’s split window coming it makes sense that Apple would release this device now. Hoping to gain market share in the enterprise side of tablet sales. Research has shown that tablet sales are falling, even Apple’s own iPad’s are suffering.

Consumers are just not finding a need for tablets as phone screens become large enough to do most consumer type tasks. The mostly untapped enterprise market, however, is a great place to start moving some tablets that are light and function well with the network. BlackBerry used to have a tight grasp on enterprise but have since fallen back. Although they too are working with Google to make Android more secure and possibly get back into enterprise running Android OS.


Little if anything is known about the Apple iPad Pro other than its screen size of 12.9″. There have been little leaks or photos of the device which is unusual. September 9th could be a long press conference as the company looks to be introducing 3 new iPhones, the Apple TV 4 and possibly the iPad Pro.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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