[UPDATED] Nokia C1 Android Phone Caught On Camera

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We recently ran a story about Nokia possibly building an Android phone to reenter the smartphone market. Of course we know that Nokia is under contract with Microsoft and cannot build smartphones until 2016 and that time is approaching fast. Our last story contained the leaked render of what is now being called the Nokia C1 Android phone. This time around leaked photos of the device have surfaced and they match the render just about perfectly.

UPDATE (09/08/2015 10:30ET): It appears these may just be fan renders and seem to be first posted to Twitter by Kim Wayne who, as it turns out, is the one responsible for the renders that appear in the featured image above.



The device looks like it may be sporting that poly-carbonate shell that Nokia has made famous and it appears to be pretty thin. From the renders it seems to have a more rounded edge look and is supposed to be sporting USB type C. The source links say the display will be 5″ and Android 6.0 Marshallow will be the OS of choice. They’re also saying Nokia is opting for the Intel Atom processor on this guy and not Qualcomm.

Other than that not much is known about this device nor what Nokia’s intentions are with it. Nokia could stay overseas with this one and not bring it to the US or they may choose to enter the US. It’s my guess if they’re relaunching they’ll stick to the EU and China for now.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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