The $50 Amazon Tablet Is What Amazon Should Have Started With


The mobile device world is a cutthroat business to be in. With so many Android OEMs, Microsoft, BlackBerry and Apple in the mix, customers have a wide range of choices. Amazon made the move to get into the fray and it didn’t go completely as planned. The Kindle was a great device and it met a need users were looking for, the Amazon Fire phone, not so much. Now a new $50 Amazon tablet is rumored to be in the works for as early as this holiday season and it’s what Amazon should have started with.

Part of the reason Amazon came out with the Amazon Fire tablet and the Fire phone was to make it more convenient for people to use its services. The problem was, people didn’t want to pay $400+ just to have a tablet or phone where they could buy even more stuff from Amazon. Amazon went in trying to compete on specs when they should have gone in providing a cheap way to shop from the couch.

A $50 Amazon tablet would provide just that, a price point that’s an impulse buy and at the rumored 6″ screen size, perfect for carrying around. Amazon would still provide accessibility to the web and email, all the stuff people are used to but putting a cheap portal direct to Amazon in people’s hands is key. Amazon could finally be understanding that their business isn’t selling amazing hardware but selling cheap hardware that will pull sales into their core business.

No word if the tablet will have LTE connectivity but if I was Amazon, I’d leave this strictly WiFi to keep costs down and not have to give customers another cost. If the $50 tablet does come to fruition, it could very well be one of the hottest selling items this Christmas. We shall see and keep our ears open for any official announcement.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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