Android P*** App Turns Out To Be Ransomware


Android p*** app “Adult Player” has become a headache for its users. The app that customers thought they were getting turned out to be ransomware. Ransomware is malware designed to take control of the user’s device and demanding payment be made before full access and control is given back. Most of the time users still do not gain control of their devices even after payment. Ransomware is usually found on PCs rather than smartphones but the instances of smartphone cases is on the rise, according to McAfee.

This particular piece of ransomware attacks the user almost immediately upon opening the app. The app first takes a photo of the victim and then pops up a screen that tells them they are accused of viewing illegal p***ography, child p***, zoophilia and other types of illegal activity. The screens are made to look somewhat official, that is until the next screen says you can pay the “FINE” via PayPal My Cash. Which pretty much makes that transaction untraceable. The app is designed to not let you use any aspect of your phone keeping it held hostage but there is a way to gain control back.

Security firm Zscaler says there is a way to get rid of the malicious software without paying up. The phone should be booted up in safe mode, where – once in device administrator mode – the app can be selected and disabled.

These types of apps are prime targets for criminals because they’re still somewhat taboo and it’s easy to scare some users into paying up for fear they may be found out. One way to be sure you’re not downloading these apps is to only download apps from Google Play. Those apps are vetted more heavily and are safer than any third party apps.

Last Updated on May 22, 2023.


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