Android Lockscreen Hack Discovered, Fix Already Dispatched

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A new Android lock screen hack has been discovered which affects devices running Lollipop, and Google has already released a fix for the issue. The patch has been released and Google’s Nexus devices will see that patch first, but other OEM’s may take some time to implement the patch into their updates so care should be taken with your device until you’re fully updated.

The lockscreen hack involves the hacker having physical possession of the device for it to work, and only works on devices who’s security setting is set to password unlock. The hack works by pasting in a string of random characters which will crash the phone and unlock the device. Josh Gordon from the University of Texas discovered the hack and demonstrated it in a YouTube video.

“By manipulating a sufficiently large string in the password field when the camera app is active an attacker is able to destabilise the lockscreen, causing it to crash to the home screen,” he wrote in a notice published on the university’s website.

It’s important to note two things again. First, Google has a fix already sent out and Nexus devices will see that update if they haven’t already. Hopefully OEM’s like Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others get it out to their users soon. Second, this hack requires the hacker to physically have your device so you’re most likely safe unless you lose your phone.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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