Sharp 8K TV Available October 2015 For $133,000


Is 4K already too old a technology for you? Well then, you can buy the new Sharp 8K TV this October for the low low price of $133,000. Sharp Electronics is introducing the world’s first commercially available 8K TV. Unveiled at CES 2015 in January as a prototype this TV is crazy insane when it comes to resolution. While it’s impressive they’re able to pack 4 times the pixels of a 4K set into this 85″ TV, the argument is, can you really tell beyond 1080p. HD TV (1080p) is already pretty clear and some argue that 4K is even a bit overkill and that our eyes really can’t see the difference. Still 4K just wasn’t enough for Sharp so check out the video below to see this 8K TV in action.

This is all impressive an what not but is it practical? Probably not. 4K TV is just starting to emerge and even that has limited content available but 8K content is pretty much not even out there. So spending $133,000 on a TV who’s capabilities you won’t even be able to use is somewhat wasteful. Even so, if more companies pursue making these sets and 8K content starts to emerge, prices will come down significantly. Right now this baby is for those who like to have status and say they’re the first to have it. But hey! If you buy one, let us know how it is!

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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