$50 Amazon Tablet Appears, Comes In A Six-Pack


Want to get your holiday shopping done exceptionally quickly? Amazon would love it if you’d buy a six-pack of their new $50 Fire Tablet. Rumored as recently as recently as 10 days ago, it seems the $50 Amazon tablet was further along than initially thought. Now that the curtain has been pulled back we have a much better idea of what your $50 tablet experience will be when the device is released on September 30th.

For $50 you’d have to expect that this will be a decidedly budget device and you’d be right. The 7″ (1024 x 600) IPS display sits on top of a quad core 1.3ghz processor and 1GB of RAM. You’ll have 8GB of storage (5GB available), though that storage is augmented by microSD expansion (up to 128GB) and free unlimited Amazon Cloud storage for any media purchased through Amazon’s services, or any photos taken with your Fire device. The tablet is WiFi only (b/g/n only) and will not include LTE, as expected. Battery size is not listed, but Amazon suggests you’ll be able to get 7 hours of usage out of the tablet, depending on your usage of course. Other notable specs include a 2MP rear camera and VGA front-facing camera,  and an accelerometer/gyroscope.

Specs aside, Amazon will be throwing its considerable media empire behind this tablet. Coupled with an Amazon Prime account you’ll be able to stream or read from Amazon’s wealth of movies, music and books available through their various Prime services. Also included is access to Amazon Underground, their free App market place that pays developers on a per-minute-played model with no cost to the user. Additionally Amazon is rolling out the newest version of their Fire OS, Fire OS 5.0 “Bellini,” with an updated user interface and Family Library, which links your Amazon account with the accounts of your spouse or children allowing you to share apps, movies, etc. from one device to another quickly and easily.

It should also be noted that Amazon’s listing of this tablet includes their popular line – “Includes Special Offers.” Amazon started this trend back with a few of their Kindle devices, offering a lower subsidized sale price in exchange for a bit of your attention in the form of ads. You were able to turn off the Special Offers on the Kindle device with an in-app purchase of sorts, no word on whether or not that will be available on the new $50 Amazon Fire tablet.

So head on over to the source link below and pick up one, or 6 – hey, buy 5 get one free – of the new $50 Amazon Fire tablet.

Amazon Tablet 6-pack

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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